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Soup from Leftovers

The Filmmaker

The Filmmakers

Linda Gasser (director & co-writer) has received numerous national and international awards for short films. Her last project has been screened on Festivals like the BAFTA-regognized Aesthetica Short Film Festival and won on a tenth of the festivals that it screened. After founding Luli Productions eight years ago, she initiated the Arc Film Festival due to Rhineland-Palatinate still being the only state without a fund for filmmaking. Last year she invited filmmakers from 24 countries to the Arc, which is now celebrating it's third edition. “Mimosa Preciosa” is her debut fictional feature film. To get an inside look into her studio and a current project please visit this page: Modern Fairy Tale.

Valerie Dalena (producer & co-writer of Mimosa Preciosa) is a multi-award-winning American writer, director and producer. She won the Grand Prize at the 2018 New York Metropolitan Screenwriting Award, is a PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Semifinalist and has been a Creative World Awards finalist for several projects. She is a graduate of UCLA (Screenwriting), the Stowe Story Labs and the South Coast Repertory Theater Conservancy and member of Women in Film and Alliance of Woman Directors. She serves on the Boards of Cascadia International Women’s Film Festival and Sylvia Center for the Arts. 

The music will be composed by Jazz guitarist Max Clouth. He was awarded the City of Frankfurt Jazz Prize and Scholarship. He studied Film Music in Ludwigsburg. The guitarist’s fondness for unconventional sounds proves that music knows no boundaries: Classic Spanish Guitar meets Baroque meets Indian. His first LP presentes the distinctive approach to Spanish, Indian, and Baroque music. In between 2009 und 2012 he learned in Mumbai by Pandit Nayan Gosh which had an impressive impact and brought more of the Indian vibe into his music. Return Flight then was the first album with his electric quartet The Max Clouth Clan which is releasing it's third album in beginning of 2019. In 2020 the Max Clouth and Martin Standke founded RAGAWERK, which can be seen as an transformation from the Max Clouth Clan. The band is touring extensively in Germany and India.

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