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I’m inspired by films that embrace society’s multi-layered world views. 

Stefani Longshamp
I used to tell my father Bedtime stories

Sort of never stopped. I like misconceptions and the subtle humour beneath the existential. 

What I like: Filling out questionnaires, in script.

What I don't like: Trying to describe myself in ten words. 

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Thoughts can become realities. Utopias that have never been spoken have not yet shaped society.  Film has the ability to change our view and therefore partakes in changing the world.

Work in progress. 


A Modern Fairy Tale

This is a modern fairy tale about hopes and dreams, reality and virtuality.

Work in progress.

What if 

Original Title: Wo sie ist

How will Big Data eventually effect our individual freedom?


Achille wants to find a partner by himself. In a society where matching is omnipresent this seems impossible.


An immersive 360° experience that has a look at the subjective bubbles we all are in.

3 Minutes

Gor critically acclaimed for it's Screenplay, Directing and Music Score. This is a film about adult- and childhood, about contious- and kindness.

A Film About Photography

"I see it therefore it is real. And what is real is also true."

This is an essay about photography and lies.  Representing a reality is not just representing a reality, is also creates one. With Barbette Mangolte, Takashi Holte and more...

Chris April

Working title

Being the first black actor performing on Cape Towns Artscape stage (back then Saint Nicolas Theater), Chris April is a legend. And he is a symbol.

3 Minutes

Got critically acclaimed for it's Screenplay, Directing and Music Score. This is a film about adult- and childhood, about contious- and kindness.

Mendoza en lezama

An episodic documentary at the core of Buenos Aires. A city full of chaos, life and lives of others. Everyone loves, needs love, and looses love. 

A feature about classes right at a spot where diversity takes place. José Luis, "Los Mistificadores", la alma errante y Luciano Veracruz. 


While the Poetry Slam establishes itself slowly in mainstream, a question about the significance of the audience rises. Will harvesting laughters decide about winning? It's a plot point in the history of literature. Meet Robbie Q. Telfer, Dalibor, Temye Tesfu, Lasse Samström, Renard Yearby und Bleu Brode

WillI Bucher

The work of Willi Bucher is a rare example of contemporary art.


In 2012 he had the great honour to exhibit in several floors an entire skyscraper. This is were the interviews take place. In the center of everything: The white room. The more experienced he gets the more intrigued he is by the art of simplicity.  


An extremely intimate portrayal of a deceiver.

What happens to our fearless child if we confront ourselves with desires that we couldn't speak out?

It's all about fantasy. In fact "Fantasy sells!"


To get a complete picture, please check out the Arc Film Festival in Mainz. 

I have initiated this platform as a response on Rhineland-Palatinate being the only state in Germany which does not provide federal fund for filmmaking. Check our our Video content: here or Follow our mission on Social Media: Here

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